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Where Are They Now?

Steve Kocherhans: Sax player for Robert Vaughn and the Shadows

Composer and performer Steve Kocherhans formed Mango Reality in 1992. As an accomplished tenor and soprano saxophone player as well as a master of the Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI),  he was quickly heralded as a significant new force in the Southern California music scene. Kocherhans' cultural diversity also played a hand in his musical prowess.  Being part Lakota Indian (his mother was born on the Rosebud reservation), Kocherhans was taught his native ancestry and studied his Lakota roots and the Plains Indian music. The Album Hoka Hey! roughly translates into Let's Go! and this album is a tribute to his energy and spirit as he embarked on a classic road trip to trace his ancestral roots. Tragically, Steve passed away in 1999 just weeks before the album was to be released as he was preparing to hit the road on a national tour.  With Roger Friend (drums),  John Nau (keyboards),  and Glen Fisher (bass).

Steve K
Where are they now? Let's respectfully start with Steve.
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