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Robert Vaughn & The Shadows
Back in the mid 90's I bought a compilation album which featured a number of groups and musicians that I was familiar with. There were other, unfamiliar artists as well. Among them was  a band from  San Diego called Robert Vaughn and the Shadows. I could not believe that such a talented group had not become internationally famous! They released their  first album on Island Records, gained a slot on "American Bandstand" and  had a single called "Justice" that started to get a lot of airplay. But, seemingly not enough. In the big push to get a certain band called U2 established in the USA, Island dropped a number of great groups...including these guys...
Years later I had the opportunity to get to know Randy Layton of Alternative Records (who put out the original compilation) and he has been kind enough to provide me with a lot more of the band's material, including the album "Songs From The Riverhouse" that he produced to help the band gain another major record company deal.
But it all just sort of went nowhere.....a follow up album, an  unreleased record, a song used in a major motion picture.....and that  was it.
Or was it? Where are they now?
Thanks to Randy Layton, who has made a lot of the video featured on this site available for us to view on YouTube. There are some classic clips and videos still out there....anyone want to share?
The Latest Updates
It's been on the way for a while now....but I couldn't say anything until it went LIVE!
ALTERNATIVE RECORDS will be re-releasing an expanded version of the Robert Vaughn & The Shadows album "Love And War". The Indiegogo campaign has now finished and has met the target.

The plan is for a limited edition double CD set. CD1 will have the original album Remastered (from the original tapes) and CD2 will have alternate mixes, rare unreleased tracks and more. This is your chance to get to hear this great album at it's sonic best! This set will have a limited run of less than 500 copies. Those who pledged in the campaign will get theirs first. I will post here when I know where and how you can get one if you missed out.
RV and JS
Above is the Campaign Video for the CD release.

Click HERE to access the FACEBOOK PAGE for this campaign. Follow the link to hear a rough mix of one of the bonus tracks that will be on the new Double CD Release!

MIKE HARRIS (Producer)


Robert Vaughn & The Shadows
This is a fan site and although I have had input by members of the band, everything here represents my own personal opinions and interests. I would welcome corrections, updates, images and stories to add here. Please use the Contact Form below. It's now working - I know the CAPCHA is a pain, but keep trying until you get readable letters.....

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